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This Guy Taught Everyone How To Take Down Every Homophobe's Argument

In light of the terrorist attack which killed 49 people at a popular gay club in Orlando yesterday, Twitter user CertifiedFool_ decided to give everyone a lesson on how to take down any homophobe. Take notes, there will be a quiz. 

If you really want to talk about what the Bible considers an abomination we can. I'm well versed in this word.

If you turn to Proverbs chapter 6, verse 17 you will see that lying is an abomination, yet y'all on here lying about y'all dusty lives daily

Turn to Isaiah chapter 66. Here we learn that eating unclean things is an abomination aka pork & I'm sure one of you sucking a rib bone now.

Leviticus chapter 11 verse 12 states that we shouldn't eat shell fish. It's an abomination. Put that crab leg down.

For all you wine and liquor drinkers, you should probably check out Proverbs chapter 20. You might just be an abomination.

And ladies. If you happen to divorce your husband, get with another man and then decide to get back with your husband. Think again.

How can you, a defiled divorced woman judge someone for being gay when your Lord considers you unclean?

How can you, a defiled divorced woman judge someone for being gay when your Lord considers you unclean?
And don't get me started on all you dusty cheaters out here because y'all are abominations in several different

95% of you niggas have beat your meat enough times to send your whole family to hell. First Corinthians chapter 6 will explain.

You straight dudes ever watched porn or looked at a woman and thought about how sexy she was? Matthew chapter 5…

I know you love your rolexes and your pearls and your chains etc, but unfortunately you may just go to hell. Go read Timothy chapter 2.

You got tattoos on your body coming for the gay community when your God said you shall "not print any marks upon you: I am the LORD."

Again for my ladies. You have the nerve to say homosexuality is against the bible and that same book says you shouldn't speak in church.

Look at the tag on your clothes? Is it a polyester or fabric blend? Because according to Leviticus chapter 19 y'all going to hell too.

Leviticus chapter 19 also states that y'all shouldn't get round haircuts or trim ya beards

Leviticus is a pretty interesting book. Chapter 3 says you shouldn't eat things like steaks or burgers, but here y'all are.

So now that you've actually seen what the bible says about abominations, who's going to heaven? I'll

You're now ready to take down anyone who's a massive asshole in the coming days. CertifiedFool added:
So I was responding to one person in my DMs and decided instead to respond here. Kill all you birds with one stone.

He went on to add that most people read King James' bible, which was written to "conform to the structure of HIS kingdom and HIS Church of England.

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